Sanaz Nezami

Burial service ~ Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 2:00 pm
Park Cemetery, Marquette, Michigan
Sanaz Nezami,
Marquette - Sanaz Nezami, 27, formally from Iran, most recently of Houghton, MI, died December 9, 2013. Sanaz was born July 15, 1986, in Iran. During her short life she accomplished many great things. Sanaz earned a Masters degree in French Translation, a BS in Environmental Health Engineering, and another BA in French Translation before she was most recently accepted to Michigan Tech, planning to start a PhD program in Environmental Engineering in January of 2014. Sanaz loved America, and Americans. She wanted to become the “cream of the crop” in America and help “give back” to America because America has given so much to other countries. At a very young age she wrote a paper, entitled “Friendships and the Differences Between Us” which earned her first place in a literature competition when she was only 15. She was preceded in death by her Mother, but is survived by her Father and several siblings. Her sister, Sara, was instrumental in helping the doctors and nurses at Marquette General Hospital learn more about Sanaz, and the person she was. With that, Sanaz’s family decided she would have wanted to help people through organ donation. While communicating with the family via video chat, the family consented to organ donation, and Sanaz went on to save 7 American lives. Live on, Sanaz. At the family’s request, burial services will be held on Wed., Dec. 18th at 2p at Park Cemetary in Marquette, MI. The Fassbender Funeral Home is serving the family where condolences may be expressed online at www.fassbenderfuneralhome.com



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What an unselfish woman Sanaz had to be. And her family must be very loving and compassionate to have raised such a wonderful person. I am sure the families of the people whose lives she has helped will be forever grateful. Rest in Peace Sanaz. - 12.17.2013

From Linda S. - Flag as inappropriate

Though I did not know Sanaz personally, her story touched me, and I reached out to her sister Sara in hope of helping in anyway I could. I learned what an amazingly talented woman Sanez was and all of her dreams. Sanazs' organ donation was one of the most selfless acts, as Sanez was always giving in life anyways. She saved the lives of several other people. I am thankful I have been in touch with Sara. It is sad that her life ended so abbrubtly and the reason why is horrible. May you rest in peace Sanez. Condolences to the family and many prayers. - 12.17.2013

From Sierra D. - Flag as inappropriate

this is sara, sanaz's sister. firstly I want to mention that her correct bane is (sanaz nezami) . there is not any dubai in her family name. secondly, I want to thank all of my new friends in dollar bay houghton that are in contact with me , especially sierra and lori. and also big thank to kind nurses and doctors in marquette hispital. and also big thank to wendy and also to kathy the house owner. abd ofcourse tom the officer. oh and ofcourse thank you father leon. sll of you are always in my prayers. God bless you dear friends. sanaz was an angel that flew to God's territory. and I want God to judge nima nassiri the murderer. sanaz you are always in our hearts. your sister, sara nezami - 12.17.2013

From sara nezami - Flag as inappropriate

Praying for your family. - 12.17.2013

From Julie H. - Flag as inappropriate

My thoughts and prayers are with the Nezami family in Tehran. it must be such a difficult time for you. Sanaz sounds like such a wonderful person and we are so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn about how amazing she was. We will make sure she always has flowers in the summer months. Kelly - 12.17.2013

From Kelly December - Flag as inappropriate

Our hearts go out to you at this time of loss. - 12.18.2013

From Rhonda - Flag as inappropriate

Sanaz was my high school classmate. She was such a wonderful person, and no matter what, she always had a positive attitude toward everything. My prayers and thoughts are with her family during this difficult time. - 12.18.2013

From Ghazal J. - Flag as inappropriate

I have never met your sister, but was saddened to hear of her passing after following her story. My prayers and deepest sympathies to you and your family. She accomplished many things in her young life and her final act gave life to many others. Her spirit will truly live on. May God bless you and watch over you during this very difficult time. - 12.18.2013

From Stephanie M. - Flag as inappropriate

My dear friend, Sanaz You will remain in my heart and memory for ever. You are the best... - 12.18.2013

From Maryam Raad - Flag as inappropriate

Dear Nezami family, Although I did not know Sanaz,she was obviously a very intelligent, loving, special person. The kind of person this world needs more of. My prayers and sympathy goes out to all of Sanaz's family and friends. Take Care... - 12.18.2013

From Valerie H. - Flag as inappropriate

The story of this young woman touched my heart. My condolences to her family. What a wonderful gift she has given to other families that will keep her living on in their lives. God Bless her family at this most difficult time. - 12.18.2013

From Cindy R - Flag as inappropriate

I am deeply saddened by the loss of such an amazing wonderful giving human being. I will pray for the Nezami family and this terrible loss and also for the end of domestic violence. - 12.18.2013

From Terry T - Flag as inappropriate

this is sara nezami. sanaz's sister. could you please do us a favour. we want you if you can show us the funeral on line. we talked about it with father Leon before. could you please email me the result. my email address is: saranezami7@yahoo.com also I want to thank all of my dear friends that wrote down the comments. sara nezami - 12.18.2013

From sara nezami - Flag as inappropriate

Sanaz was a dear friend of mine in high school and also attending the same university. She was smart and bright. I will always remember you sitting in the last row of our high school class with your kind smile Sanaz. I am sure you are in peace. I will miss you. :* My Condolences to Sanaz's family. - 12.18.2013

From Marzieh - Flag as inappropriate

Sanaz sounds like such a brave and unselfish woman; I am sorry I didn't have a chance to meet her (as would probably would have happened soon, since I work at MTU International Programs' office). My sincere condolences and prayers go out to her family and friends. - 12.19.2013

From Donna A. - Flag as inappropriate

she was my classmate in Tehran university.she was very clever and genteel.I am really sorry to hear that .may her ghost in peace. - 12.19.2013

From samira sh - Flag as inappropriate

My sincere condolences to the family of Sanaz. I didn't have the pleasure of knowing her, but she sounds like a wonderful person who greatly enriched the world in which she lived. - 12.20.2013

From Marina - Flag as inappropriate

It is always so sad to read about such a tragedy. What a wonderful gift she has given to so many others. She will always be remembered. Thank you too to all the nurses who took such wonderful care of her. - 12.21.2013

From Pam - Flag as inappropriate

I am deeply moved by the compassion shown by the Nezami family. It gladdens my heart to know that even in the depths of this tragic loss lives were saved by their supreme gesture. God bless you. - 12.21.2013

From Mary Belmore - Flag as inappropriate

My sympathies to Sanaz's family. It is sad that the life of such a beautiful and compassionate woman was taken in such a tragic manner. Family and friends will always remember Sanaz's beautiful soul as will seven strangers who never had the good fortune to personally meet her. Thank you to Sara and family for giving such a priceless gift. Peace. - 12.22.2013

From Diane - Flag as inappropriate

My heart was so saddened by this tragic story. I followed it from the moment it happened and I still wish there was something I could do to help comfort the family. This is a small community where things like this do not happen. I know this has definitely impacted many lives in the community. Not to mention the 7 wonderful lives that will be saved in honor of Sanaz's organ donation. If there is anything that I can do, please let me know. If there is anything that the family needs assistance with in the Houghton area, please let me know. Rest in peace you sweet angel, and may your family be blessed and comforted. - 12.23.2013

From Mandy - Flag as inappropriate

May this beautiful, talented woman rest in peace. Some souls are just too beautiful for this world. - 12.26.2013

From Cindy P. - Flag as inappropriate

I wish more people here in America and around the world were as open-minded and caring as sanaz. So sorry to lose her. - 12.31.2013

From Diana Magnuson - Flag as inappropriate

I just read Sanaz's story. What a beautiful person she was - kind, loving and intelligent. She was a blessing to many during her life and even afterwards. May God comfort her family and friends during this sad time. - 01.01.2014

From Julie B. - Flag as inappropriate

I was so sadded to hear what happened to Sanaz,she must of been loved by so many and will be missed by all.I hope all that she helped live can keep her spirt alive because she truely was a wonderful person.My condolences to her family and friends.My prayers are with you. - 01.01.2014

From Jeff B. - Flag as inappropriate

I am so sorry to hear of the loss that your family is feeling. I pray that God's peace washes over you! I also pray that Sanaz receives justice and her killer is punished accordingly. I will keep your entire family in my prayers. - 01.01.2014

From Peggy G - Flag as inappropriate

My sincerest condolences at the passing of such a beautiful spirit. Please know that those of us in America who learned of story, we will hold her in our hearts and you in our prayers. - 01.01.2014

From Elizabeth H. - Flag as inappropriate

1150pm, WED, 1 January 2014 Just read about this young women's death in the online news report and this lost of such a gifted and talented and inspirational young person is so sad to read about, and no matter what country the person was in or from, just so sad. Fortunately, the kindness and consideration of others have allowed her ending to have a bitter-sweet "goodbye" and life to pass on to others..... With All Respects, Gregory, U.S. Military Veteran, Mountain Home, TN - 01.01.2014

From Greg Battles, Mountain Home, TN - Flag as inappropriate

To the Nezami family: I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful Sanaz. May you be comforted by wonderful memories of the joy she brought to your lives and by the love you have for one another. I will pray for you to have peace of mind and heart during this difficult time. - 01.01.2014

From Denise - Flag as inappropriate

Such an unfortunate situation. My heart goes out to the family and friends of this beautiful angel. Sanaz, is at peace and watching over all of those closest to her. Listen carefully and she can still speak to you. Her love will overflow your grief and dry your tears. I do wish that Nima Nassiri, would not be able to have life imprisonment, but dealt with swiftly by the hands of God. May Nima Nassiri, be tormented every day he lives with what he has done to one of Gods Angels. - 01.01.2014

From Tabitha - Flag as inappropriate

To Sanaz's family, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I just read about your beautiful, talented, intelligent, selfless daughter, who must have been an incredibly kind soul. Though her life was short, it seems that she lived it more fully than many people who live long lives manage to. In her life and in her death, she has touched many people, and I hope there is a small measure of comfort in that. I believe that you will be reunited one day. Until then, please stay strong, and know that you have the love and prayers of many people. - 01.01.2014

From Alysha - Flag as inappropriate

I just read about Sanaz Nezami's sacrifice to be able help those 7 people keep their lives and I know as amazing as a person she sounded like; she will eternally rest in peace knowing that the loss of her life saved seven more. With some of the tensions you see on the news between Iran and the US, I can say personally to you, Sanza family, that you teach me that however different some countries cultures are, and however different you may seem, you are still loving caring people and bless you for helping our 7 brothers and sisters so many thousands of miles away. Sanaz Nezami, I'm sorry I never met you but you have touched me as well as if you had met. Rest in peace and I look forward to meeting you in the hereafter. - 01.01.2014

From Jay Taylor - Flag as inappropriate

I am greatly moved by the life and passing of Sanaz. So wonderful how even now, Sanaz affects people so positively. To us all if feels like her life time on earth was like a shooting star, so bright and so short. But how she changes us lasts beyond all of our years, forever are we the better for the gift she continues to be. - 01.01.2014

From Mark - Flag as inappropriate

Dear Nazami Family, My condolences to you on your loss. I'm saddened you were not able to be here to see her. Sanaz, kind and smart and beautiful, was taken far too soon. May she rest in peace, and I pray the new hope and lives she has given to others will further spread her brightness and charity. My prayers tonight are for you and Sanaz. - 01.01.2014

From D R - Flag as inappropriate

Such a beautiful person and spirit sanaz nezami has displayed herself to be. We here in America are blessed to have only begun to know her. I shall remember her and wish well her family. Peace be with you as you now reside with God. . - 01.02.2014

From Lissof L. - Flag as inappropriate

What a fantastic woman. From Australia this story has touched my heart. My sincere condolences to her family. What the world needs is more people like this, it's truly a shame she was taken so young. - 01.02.2014

From Sean S - Flag as inappropriate

I am sorry to read Sanaz's story knowing her family could not be with her. I am ashamed this happened in my country, but there will be justice. I am warmed that Sanaz found caring friends in the USA when she was alone. She is proof, even in death, that Iranians and Americans, Muslims and non-Muslims, can be one in harmony as brothers and sisters. She gave the gift of life to many Americans and is an example of the loving tenets of Islam for the world to see. She is an inspiration to me. My condolences to her family. She was a bright star and her light keeps shining. - 01.02.2014

From Susan L. - Flag as inappropriate

I read about Sanaz today on MSN.com. My sincere sympathy goes out to her family and friends. In her death, Sanaz and her family have connections throughout the world and people who are praying for her and her family. God's blessings be yours. - 01.02.2014

From Patty C. - Flag as inappropriate

I just learned about this tragic story, my thoughts and prayers are with her father and sister. She will remain alive through the 7 organs she donated. Rest in peace Sanaz... - 01.02.2014

From Helya - Flag as inappropriate

On behalf of our family in New Jersey, we send our condolence to the family and friends of Sanaz in Iran. Reading your story made me think how sad you are feeling of losing someone so wonderful and courageous and not being able to be here for her. I hope you have some comfort in knowing that the hospital nurses and staff were there to really care for her. Many prayers to the family. - 01.02.2014

From Janet ML - Flag as inappropriate

تسلیت می گویم یا تسلیت مرا بپذیرید - 01.02.2014

From John Bentz - Flag as inappropriate

May your beautiful soul rest in peace - 01.02.2014

From Amy Jones, Delaware - Flag as inappropriate

How brave and loving your family is, reflecting compassion to others around the world. At a time of tremendous grief over this precious life lost and anger towards the animal that murdered her, your family took the time to show compassion and give life to others. Others in a country where her life was taken. You are a shining example of strength and love for all of us. Sanaz and her life story will be in my heart forever. It also makes me realize it is our governments that don't get along not us. - 01.02.2014

From Ron Perry - Flag as inappropriate


From Krystle Stokes - Flag as inappropriate

God bless the Nezami family for granting her wish to help others even after passing. Sara, your strength in this difficult time is so inspiring, as is Sanaz's remarkable accomplishments. This world is a darker place without her light. Mr. Nezami, my most sincere condolances, no parent should ever have to bear witness to the passing of a child. God bless you and you whole family. Heavan shur did gain one heck of an angel. Prayers for all of you from West Michigan. - 01.02.2014

From Katie - Flag as inappropriate

I just read about your loved one Sanaz in my local Ohio paper. I am sadden and my heart breaks for your family. She truly sounded like a remarkable unselfish young woman whom was taken far too early. I will be keeping you all in my prayers and am so sorry for this terrible lose. My Utmost respect to your family and empathy at this time. - 01.02.2014

From Tracy - Flag as inappropriate

To the family & friends of Sanaz: May God bring you all comfort during this sad time. Sanaz was a prime example of how we should all live our lives: selflessly. I hope in some small way it brings your family some level of comfort to know so many are lifting you all up in prayer. May the angel you called "Sanaz" soar to the heavens & always be in your hearts. To the staff at Marquette General: The compassion with which this extremely difficult situation was handled shows we can bridge the gap to whatever may be seen as an "obstacle" and move far beyond to a resolution. God bless each and everyone of you involved in Sanaz's end of life care. I think there are angels here amongst us; they seem to be plentiful in the Great White North. - 01.02.2014

From Mary E - Flag as inappropriate

Dear Nezami Family, My heart is heavy & broken as I cry with you and for you. Your beloved Sanaz was a beautiful soul from our heavenly Father & your extreme compassion and generosity to give life to others is awe inspiring. May the Lord bless & comfort you with His peace that passes all understanding and may His right hand lift & carry you. - 01.02.2014

From Ann - Flag as inappropriate

You have my deepest sympathies. Thank you to the family of this lovely lady, for thinking of others and giving the gift of life by organ donation. God bless you all. - 01.02.2014

From Kathy B. - Flag as inappropriate

RIP Pretty lady. You didn't deserve what happened to you. At least he will not be able to hurt anyone else ever again. God bless you. Enjoy heaven. I'm so sorry you didn't get to pursue your dream of becoming an engineer. Watch over your sister and the rest of your relatives still here on earth. - 01.02.2014

From J. Ray - Flag as inappropriate

To the family of Sanaz - As others have said before me, I am so sorry this happened to her and that you could not be with her when she passed away. The alleged crime is sadly far too common. I'm amazed at the selflessness of you in this horrible time, both when it came to the organ donation as well as in the beautiful obituary above. Even in your time of pain, you're helping others to heal. My prayers are with you. - 01.02.2014

From Mark - Flag as inappropriate

Rest in peace Sanaz. To her family,my most sincere condolences. May God gives you peace and strength during this difficult time. Justice will prevail. Thank you and thank you Sanaz for such an amazing gift. - 01.02.2014

From W. - Flag as inappropriate

Please accept my heart felt sorrow for the loss of Sanaz, a truly beautiful person inside and out. There are not enough words to describe my sorrow for someone that I did not know personally, and yet my heart is touched deeply by her story. Thank you for sharing her with a world so undeserving of such a kind, generous, and loving person as Sanaz Nezami. - 01.03.2014

From Dean Connell - Flag as inappropriate

It's heartbreaking that such an intelligent and wonderful person should be taken from this world. What an amazing woman that could leave behind such a legacy of love and selflessness! Undoubtedly, the world will be a worse place for her loss. - 01.03.2014

From Tiffany - Flag as inappropriate

Our heart goes out to you on such a tragic news. May God give all of you patience. - 01.03.2014

From Mahshid, Layla & Farhad - Flag as inappropriate

I just heard about Sanaz via Persian net-work. And I am very sorry for the loss of such a beautiful person. Sorry for the community that lost a young intelligent woman whose death saved seven lives! I wonder how many lives she could have saved if this had not happened! Rest In Peace, daughter of Cyrus the Great! - 01.03.2014

From Shahla - Flag as inappropriate

Dear Nezami Family, From Hong Kong, I read Sanaz' story with tears and expressed my deepest condolences for the loss of a very precious life. I was overwhelmingly touched by your compassion for the gifts of life you provided to so many strangers. To the staff of Marquette General Hospital, as an American, I am very proud for your acts of kindness and love to Sanaz and her grieving family. - 01.03.2014

From Iris - Flag as inappropriate

Such a wonderful person who lived life and gave life. Rest in Peace Sanaz. - 01.03.2014

From Steve Franklin - Flag as inappropriate

I did not know Sanaz but reading about her accomplishments, dreams, goals and tragic death made me cry. The world would be a better place if she was still alive but thanks to her selfless family and those who facilitated her organ donations, she lives on in others. May you rest in peace, Sanaz and may God comfort your sister, Sara, your father and all those who loved you. - 01.03.2014

From Kirk - Flag as inappropriate

Dear Nezami family ,accept my condolence over your lost May Sanaz rest in peace - 01.04.2014

From Nina - Flag as inappropriate

Sanaz's gift to all of us is the gift of humanity and trust. Her family believed and triusted the staff of Marquette Hospital to provide compassionate care for their daughter & sister. Bless all from now to eternity that the Marquette staff focused on Sanez and her family. The love, trust, safety is phenomenal! Yet, once again shows that all of our greatest challenges are the most universal. Eternal appreciation who were intimately involved? - 01.04.2014

From Sheila - Flag as inappropriate

Sanaz's gift to all of us is the gift of humanity and trust. Her family believed and triusted the staff of Marquette Hospital to provide compassionate care for their daughter & sister. Bless all from now to eternity that the Marquette staff focused on Sanez and her family. The love, trust, safety is phenomenal! Yet, once again shows that all of our greatest challenges are the most universal. Eternal appreciation who were intimately involved. - 01.04.2014

From Sheila - Flag as inappropriate

I regret I never met Sanaz, but I read her story and what happened. My deepest sorrow at this tragedy. May God take Sanaz to His breast, and may He comfort your family with the assurance that He is in control and that justice will be served for her. On behalf of those to whom Sanaz gave hope and life through her organs, thank you for this unselfish act of love. You truly honored Sanaz through these gifts of life. - 01.05.2014

From Samuel - Flag as inappropriate

I could not stop looking at her innocent eyes. I am sure she was full of hopes and wishes. Too sad, she could not reach her dreams in the US. Please accept my condolences. - 01.05.2014

From Sonia - Flag as inappropriate

I cried for Sanaz Nezami for the beautiful person that she was and how much she had to offer this world. I grieve for her family and how terribly hard this has to be for them. I send my love and prayers to all of them. - 01.05.2014

From Debra Panzieri - Flag as inappropriate

I have lit a candle... http://www.gratefulness.org/candles/candles.cfm?l=eng&gi=Sanaz - 01.06.2014

From Ann Marie - Flag as inappropriate

I learned about Sanaz's story on my Facebook page and was heartbroken. I have many online friends in Iran and after reading about her tragic death, I immediately wrote a blog about Sanaz. Her passion, love and dedicated life has touched me in a way that I cannot describe. I pray for u dear Sara and your whole family and please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss. I am going to leave a link to my blog dedicated to the life and love of Sanaz. Be parvardegar misparamet. Dar panahe khoda. http://thecrossinthedesert.blogspot.com/2014/01/sanaz-nezami-ripples-of-life-in-ocean.html?spref=fb - 01.06.2014

From Randy L. Noble - Flag as inappropriate

What a beautiful person she was. Yes we are all the same. - 01.07.2014

From Cathy Collver - Flag as inappropriate

Rest in peace sweetness. You will not be alone. your light was dimmed way too early in life but rest assured your memory and the gift of life you gave to those who needed it, will be your legacy. Your new home may be far away from you mother land,but your real home is in all our hearts. - 01.07.2014

From maryam - Flag as inappropriate

Dear Sarah and Nezami Family, I was heartbroken reading about the horrificoss of your incredible, kindhearted and selfless Sanaz. I live about 10-11 hours away from Houghton, in southeast Michigan. I would like to pay my respects to Sanaz and visit her final resting place when the weather permits. As an Iranian American, I feel particularly heart broken at the horrific loss of such a giving and promising young woman's life, so far from family and home. If there is anything I can do for your family, and if you'd like any items taken to Houghton, please let me know. I know someone who arrives to the US from Tehran in the next few weeks and I am sure they would be honored to bring back anything you'd like to have left for Sanaz on her grave. If there is anything we can do, please let us know. May god bless her and Ruhesh shad. - 01.07.2014

From A fellow Iranian - Flag as inappropriate

I did not know Sanaz Nezami,but am saddened to hear of her passing. She was Unselfish, beautiful and Vibrant and intelligent! May the family find comfort in loving memories of Sanaz Nezami.My family extends to you our deepest sympathies. - 01.08.2014

From Alisha - Flag as inappropriate

ساناز . . . از شنيدن خبر فوت تو در ديار غربت دور از پدر و فاميل دلم به درد آمد. من در فلوريدا بيش از ٣٠٠٠ كيلومتر دور تر از مزار تو هستم ولى در دلم احساس ميكنم كه ميشناسمت و تو هم سن دختر من هستى. تو پاك هستى تو دختر ايرانى هستى تو خود خواه نبود ى تو سرشار از عشق و شور و زندگى بودى كه به دست ابليسي مريض زندگيت كوتاه شد. از خداوند براى پدرت و خواهرت صبر مى طلبم باشد كه در اولين فرصت به مزارت قدم گذارم. روحت شاد. May you rest in peace, and my heart goes to your father and family members. Reese - 01.09.2014

From Reese in Florida - Flag as inappropriate

My sincere condolences to Sanaz's family. This is just so painful to see such a wonderful young girl passes away in such a heart-breaking conditions. - 01.13.2014

From kai - Flag as inappropriate

i have read some of your words, so precious are they, as is the person who wrote and posted. your life was short but you and your family and friends gracious presence in so many people. your legacy will live on. i am proud to know you only if its just from the words i have read and pictures of you. Rest in Peace, Sanaz - 01.16.2014

From mark olson - Flag as inappropriate

Dear Sanaz, you had the heart of an angel. I am also from your country, living in LA for many years. Your story has been extremely poignant to me, my you rest in peace and God's eternal light. Condolences to Nezami family. - 01.18.2014

From Leila - Flag as inappropriate

My thoughts and prayers with Nezami family. I am from your country dear Sanaz. I live in Oregon miles away from your resting place but you are in my heart. You're legacy goes on by saving seven lives. Rest in peace and may God watch over your family. Rohet Shad - 01.19.2014

From Mandana - Flag as inappropriate

It's really sad. God bless her and just I can say: خدا بهتون صبر بده - 01.23.2014

From Mohammad - Flag as inappropriate

Dear Sanaz's family, my condolences and prayers for all of you. Rest assure Sanaz's didn't pass in vain , she is in heavens next to her mom and was blessed by giving life to to others through her death. May we all be as blessed as she was. - 01.24.2014

From Mandy Emami - Flag as inappropriate

Why did she married with the stupid midget who is psycho and needs special treatment. I think he has to get hang and be cleared off. - 01.31.2014

From Reza - Flag as inappropriate

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - 01.31.2014

From oo - Flag as inappropriate

To all Sanaz's family, I live in France and I learned about this tragedy today. Sanaz is and will be an inspiration to all of us. In her short life, she has done more than lots of other human beings... Rest in peace, beautiful angel. May you guide us to love, compassion and Non Violence even after your death.Condolences to the family and all my prayers. - 02.03.2014

From Lily - Flag as inappropriate

Never forgotten , a dear angel who came and left too soon but with greatness and compassion for all humans. May you be in the highest place in heaven. - 04.24.2014

From Shoaleh - Flag as inappropriate